Designer Dog Collars

Dog collars are a necessity. Dog collars make wonderful gifts for dogs. Many people would not hesitate to spend a bundle on a unique dog collar that would delight their faithful friend.

Today, there are many different kinds of dog collars available. There are many manufacturers who are providing exclusively designed collars. These are also custom-designed as per the customer’s specifications. These make really unique gifts since they can be designed to reflect the personality of the dog or the owner Dog Bark Collar with 7 Sensitivity USB Rechargeable Waterproof with Beep B07SJZ31ZJ.

Designer collars are the most fashionable gifts that can be given to an adored pet. These include collars made of unique materials such as denim, suede, leather, vinyl, foam, or even precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. These are decorated with beads, and precious or semi-precious stones such as gemstones, rubies, zircons, Swarovski crystals and even diamonds! The designs can be customized to spell the pet’s name, which would make the collar all the more appealing. Designer collars can be both fancy as well as functional.

Designer dog collars are available in many different sizes: toy (8-10″”), small (10-14″”), small plus (14-16″”), medium (16-18″”), large (20-22″”) and extra large (22-24″”). The width of the collar is generally ½”” or 1″”. 10-14″” collars are for beagles, Jack Russells, and shelties, which have smaller necks. Labs, Australian shepherds, Dalmatians, pointers and spaniels would need bigger collars, as they have neck sizes ranging between 14 and 20 inches, while rottweilers, Great Danes, and chow chows have neck lengths between 18 and 28 inches.

Some manufacturers also make custom collars to fit the dog perfectly. While measuring the dog for the collar, ensure that the collar rests comfortably a couple of inches below the head. Place two fingers between the tape and the dog’s neck for the right size. Choose a bigger collar for growing dogs. Designer dog collars are priced at around $20 and may go up to $100 or more. They can be affixed with attractive tags or charms for a more personalized look.

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