Do You Have A Money Management System? Do You (and Your Partner) Feel In Control Of Your Finances?

A healthy relationship with money is something we all desire and yet few of us truly have. This is a very complex but not very complicated subject. A money management system can take the complexity out of our personal finances. Our attitudes toward money is something we cultivate over our years of experience. As children we hear ideas from parents and guardians we believe are true and most of the time never question. As we grow older we find evidence to support what we heard and so that becomes our reality. We establish habits that reinforce our beliefs and so we learn to live within those constructs. We can change patterns that hold us stuck in our ruts. money management

I think of managing money as tending a garden. To be a good gardener it is important to know what helps plants grow healthier such as amending soils, fertilizing appropriately, what grows best in various climates and so forth. With a money management system we can create the same effect to make sure that the “fruits” we wish to achieve can blossom and yield security and yes enjoyment. Managing money that fits the need of every aspect of our personal finances can eleviate situations that come up and put us in financial stress. The stress of money tends to weave its way into our communications through emotional outbursts, hidden blame and other negative responses to our fear of losing what we have. Statistics state that 78% of divorces are due to financial stress in relationships.

A powerful money management system starts with setting an intention for what we want to accomplish. Do we know what we want? How can we feel secure with what we are doing with our money? How do we get into a more rewarding relationship with our money in marriages and partnerships? Can we have independence financially within the relationship? Planning for our future is something to look forward to and having a way to make sure that we stay on track makes the journey more pleasurable.

Money management is more than balancing checkbooks, putting income and expenditures into computer programs designed to account for our money. A great money management system does include plans for spending, saving, reducing debt, balancing cash flow in and cash flow out. It should show us the big picture at a glance and great detail without having to “hunt” for what we are looking for. More important is are we getting the satisfaction out of our efforts? Can we see the growth we are wanting? Are we feeling satisfied with our accomplishments?

In relationships whether it’s marriage or long term commitments, are both partners feeling heard and appreciated AND have independence to create and achieve personal dreams and goals? Tailoring a powerful money management system to meet your wants as well as your needs makes it easy to say YES to these questions.

My name is Irene Neale and I am a financial mindset and management consultant supporting motivated couples and individuals to move from anxiety about their finances to being conscious and confident. By integrating a simple miraculous money management system and mindset retraining you can be the master of your money. My program has three components. The first is an agreement to change the way you DO your finances and assess where you are financially, mentally and emotionally. The second component is creating a management system specific to the couple or individual and finally a six week program of weekly 1 hour sessions to make sure your personalized money management system “sticks”.


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